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Online Learning Resources


STAR will update this page with resources to support teachers in facilitating online and home-based learning.

Please note that users will be required to login to OPAL/OPAL2.0 to access some resources. 

Using SLS for Music Lessons and Home-Based Learning

 1) 12 Micro Learning Units, available on:

(Search 'Using SLS for Music Lessons' in the OPAL2.0 Catalogue)

1) Creating lesson on SLS (8 min)

2) Creating group, assigning tasks, and monitoring (3 min)

3) Conducting a live lesson (2 min)

4) Getting help (2 min)

5) Sharing your SLS practice (2 min)

6) Embedding an interactive activity (2 min)

7) Key considerations (3 min)

8) Music listening (5 min)

9) Music creating (3 min)

10) Music performing (11 min)

11) More resources (6 min)

12) Assessment (3 min)

2) AEB SLS Resources

3) SLS Highlights compiled by STAR

Online Resources for Music Learning (Compiled by AEB and STAR)

1) This list is categorised according to musical purpose(s) and pegged at suggested levels (Primary/Lower Sec/Upper Sec/JC)

PDF Link

2) Consolidated Notes from STAR's Kopi Chats on Home-Based Learning with Primary, Lower Secondary, and O/NT/A Level Teachers (9-14 Apr 2020):

A) Classroom Management

B) Synchronous Engagement

C) Asynchronous Engagement

D) Tips on making content accessible and heightening engagement

E) Assessment for Learning

F) Challenges / Considerations

PDF Link

3) Additional Tools (and their purposes)

 Tool (and its purpose)Weblink

Insert comments and questions directly into YouTube videos at specific timecodes

Good tool for focused listening; set commentary and Music Studies questions; insert targeted prompts

Recording Desktop Screen
For recording your lectures along with Powerpoint slides; demonstrate functions of software/hardware (and in some cases for younger students, how to upload files onto shared folders)
Audio Timeliner
For the teaching of structure succinctly – demarcate sections & themes as well as add notes to explain each section; set focused listening tasks; invite students to submit assignments on structure; focused listening task; combined with onscreen recording, it can be converted into a short lecture
Databases of creative-commons licensed sound samples
For students to download (and acknowledge) sound samples in their creative work
ETD’s latest updates
SLS Self-Help; HBL Design Considerations; Ideas for HBL Marking; Ideas for HBL Work Submission

Flipgrid (Tutorial) 

A website that allows teachers to create "grids" to facilitate video discussions. Each grid is like a message board where teachers can pose questions, called "topics," and their students can post video responses that appear in a tiled grid display.

Ravi Shankar
Lecture on raga (Parts 1 – 3)

London Symphony Orchestra's Educator's Guide on Ravel's Bolero

Species Counterpoint Website by Dr. Eddy Chong

Virtual Xylophones
Virtual Ukulele
Virtual Recorder

Vocaroo (Instructional Video for Students)

For audio recording. Created by Grace, Casuarina Primary School

4) Online websites to engage students

PDF Link

MusEDLab Creative Music Apps

Link to MusEDLab Creative Music Apps, which can help teachers to facilitate an extensive range of musical learning activities:

(These work best on a laptop/desktop with the Google Chrome browser)

SG Learning Designers Circle

A community of Singapore learning designers coming together to share, learn and design learning experiences with ICT for the 21st CC classroom.

(Closed Facebook Group, by Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education, Singapore)

Inclusive Music Classroom Website

IMC website


A website of strategies and narratives to support music teachers in building an inclusive music classroom. 

(Please log into your iCon account before clicking on this link)