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Music Compendium

Providing a Rich Music Learning Experience.

A publication by the Singapore Teachers' Academy for the aRts (STAR)

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Singapore Curriculum Philosophy

The Orff Approach

Non-Formal Approach

1) Interview with Paul Griffiths: How to Scaffold Lessons to Facilitate Students’ Growth Process

2) Example of a Warm-Up Session in a Music Lesson led by Leong Su Juen, Teacher at Pasir Ris Secondary School


Informal Learning

1) Interview with Prof Lucy Green: What is Informal Learning

2) Interview with Prof Lucy Green: Role of the Teacher in Informal Learning

3) Interview with Prof Lucy Green: Teacher Facilitator in the Informal Learning Setting

4) Interview with Prof Lucy Green: Benefits of Informal Learning for Learners

5) Interview with Prof Lucy Green: Applicability to All Kinds of Music

6) Example of adapting Informal Learning for the Upper Primary level by Loi Wei Ling, Teacher at Edgefield Primary School

7) Example of Informal Learning at Lower Secondary level (Students from Hillgrove Secondary School)

8) Example of facilitating problem solving in an Informal Learning context at Lower Secondary level by Adeline Tan, Teacher at Bishan Park Secondary School