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Upskilling Programmes

Upskilling programmes aim to level up the pedagogical knowledge and skills, as well as music competencies, of teachers wishing to specialise in music.

Music Teacher Practitioner Programme

FOR: Primary school English medium teachers without subject proficiency in music and Primary school teachers who are interested to teach music and will be deployed in the long run.
PERIOD: Part-time basis over the course of 6 months, culminating in a graduation concert
2.4.2 MTPP 2
The Music Teacher Practitioner Programme (MTPP) serves as a bridging course to equip primary school teachers who are without prior pre-service music training with the basic pedagogical skills for classroom music teaching.

Teacher participants develop their music practice through participation in various solo and group performances. The MTPP programme includes the following components:
  • 4 full-day introductory course
  • Weekly instrumental and music theory lessons
  • Lesson observations (including post-lesson conferencing)
  • Concert
  • Upon successful completion of the programme, these teachers will be better equipped to apply for the full-time Advanced Diploma in Primary Music Education at the National Institute of Education (NIE) to become a qualified music teacher.

    NIE Advanced Diploma in Primary Music Education

    FOR: Graduates of the MTPP and SP 3 music teachers
    PERIOD: Full-time over the course of 4 months
    Upskilling Programmes (Advanced Dip in Primary Music Education)
    MOE collaborates with the National Institute of Education (NIE) to offer the full-time in-service Advanced Diploma in Primary Music Education for teachers without the requisite qualifications to teach the subject. This is aligned with MOE’s aim of enhancing the quality of music instruction in primary schools.

    The programme is designed to build on the knowledge and skills of teachers who were trained to teach music as a third subject, and equips them with the essential breadth and depth of content knowledge and competencies to deliver quality music lessons to students.

    The duration of each full-time course is four months. Upon completion of the course, the teacher will be required to serve a minimum of 1 year (full-time) in the school.

    Read more about the course outline of Advanced Diploma in Music Education Programme here(.pdf, 36.98 KB)

    For enquiries on the Advanced Diploma, kindly contact STAR at