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Special Programmes

Special Programmes help participants to broaden their perspectives and immerse themselves in a different work environment to gain new ideas to enrich teaching

Engaging With Songs

FOR:Primary School Music Teachers (by invitation)
PERIOD:Part-time basis over the course of 1.5 years



Engaging with Songs is a special professional development programme designed by STAR to deepen music teachers' pedagogical understanding in leading singing in the music classroom. It also aims to build a repertoire of songs, including those of our multicultural traditions, to engender cross-cultural understanding through music. It is envisioned that the programme helps build a singing culture in classrooms and in schools.

This programme provides a suite of professional learning platforms including workshops by master pedagogues, overseas learning journeys, lesson demonstrations, as well as collaborative discussions and reflection by the teachers. Teachers take away valuable lessons on how to teach singing in the classroom, and develop a greater sense of confidence in singing.

The programme culminates in an event called “Engaging with Songs Day”, where teacher participants and their students come together to experience the joy of singing in a professional concert venue. The programme not only helps to build teachers’ and students’ confidence in their voices, but also fosters a greater sense of camaraderie within the fraternity.

Find out more about the Engaging with Songs programme in the following videos. The first video shares the culmination of the first phase of Engaging with Songs in 2014, with round robins of music teaching, and singing games for students from the 7 pioneer schools in the programme. The second video presents an overview of Engaging with Songs programme in 2015, presenting the perspectives of students, teachers and school leaders who were involved. The third video features teachers' sharing how their pedagogy has developed, and how students are more engaged in their music lessons through singing.