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Milestone Programmes

Milestone programmes help participants to deepen their pedagogical understandings, and achieve professional renewal and transformation in teaching beliefs and practices.

Art Beginning Teacher Programme

FOR: Beginning Teachers
PERIOD: Part-time basis over the course of one year
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The Art Beginning Teacher Programme is a year-long programmes for newly graduated Art teachers as they embark on their teaching careers. The modules offered provide support in key areas of learning aligned with the Singapore Teaching Practice (STP) such as creating a positive art classroom culture, encouraging learner engagement, and effectively carrying out art assessment. Each module provides opportunities for discussions, online learning, hands-on workshops, learning journeys to schools and networking with other likeminded teachers.

Inquiry-based Art Lesson Design Course

FOR: Experienced Teachers
PERIOD: 2 days in March and 2 days in May
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Drawing on concepts and resources featured in STAR’s Inquiry In and Through Art Lesson Design Toolkit (2016), this course levels-up teachers’ competencies in lesson design, by revisiting teaching fundamentals and key concepts related to inquiry, Teaching for Understanding and pedagogical practices that foster students’ 21st Century Competencies. The course takes places over 4 days and straddles March and May.

Contemporary Art Practices in Schools (CAPS)

FOR: Experienced Teachers
5 days in Term 4
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CAPS introduces contemporary art practices that will expand teachers’ ideas about materials and processes for art making as artists and educators. Designed to encourage expression and experimentation, teachers get to make art alongside their peers whilst under the mentorship of artists. Throughout the week-long programme, teachers will also engage in professional exchange on how art practices might inform teaching practices.

STAR Senior / Lead Teacher Programme

FOR: Senior Teachers
 Part-time basis over the course of one year
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Designed for STs and LTs (Art/Music), this professional learning support programme aims to develop our teacher leaders’ competencies as pedagogical leaders. The course focuses on deepening participants’ disciplinary thinking, and keeping the updated on emergent trends in arts pedagogy and professional practice. The STAR ST/LTs’ Programme is designed to complement the Academy of Singapore Teachers’ (AST) Teacher Leader Programme 1 and 2 (TLP1 and TLP2). It is strongly recommended that Art and Music STs and LTs attend both the TLP1/2 and STAR ST/LT Programme within the first five years of their appointment. Teachers can select the order of their professional learning sequence to better suit their own learning needs.