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STAR Professional Development Framework

STAR aims to enhance the capacity of the art and music teachers, guided by the STAR Professional Development Framework, by broadening their perspectives, widening their repertoire of pedagogies, and developing their practice.
What Why
Perspective Teachers:
  • Appreciate the objectives of arts education that go beyond arts production
  • Understand how their disciplines contribute to holistic education, the strengthening of cultural appreciation and the Singapore identity, and the nurturing of 21st century competencies
  • Understand their roles as arts educators for nurturing artistic / musical sensibilities and impacting nation building
  • Appreciate arts industry trends
    • To better engage students and make the arts subjects more relevant to students' understanding of the world around them
    • To cultivate sense-making and disposition-building
    Pedagogy Teachers develop:
  • An understanding of a varied repertoire of pedagogical practices and tools
  • An understanding of assessment skills and knowledge
  • The ability to reflect and analyse their own teaching practices
    • To empower teachers to adapt pedagogical tools for their own lessons, and nurture reflective practices
    • To enhance the teaching-learning processes
    • To nurture teachers to become skilful and innovative art/music teachers
    Practice Teachers:
  • Build capacity by continually developing their own art/music practice
    • To add breadth and depth to teachers’ instructional practices and provide teachers with the language and versatility to engage students on deeper issues (on/related to the arts) in the classroom