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Art Network Learning Communities (NLCs)

Networked Learning Communities (NLCs) are small learning groups where like-minded Art teachers from different schools meet to collaborate, share and improve on their practice. Group size for the NLCs ranges from 10 to 30.
4.1 Art Network Learning Communities_Drawing NLC

Drawing NLC

This NLC re-connects teachers to the joy and importance of drawing in Art lessons. Various drawing concepts and approaches are introduced, and teachers discuss how these learning support teaching at various levels (Primary to Junior College).

4.1 Art Network Learning Communities_MBL NLC 2

Museum-based Learning NLC

Teachers in this NLC will hone their skills in leading open-ended discussions about works of art and gain different lesson ideas for museum-based learning. Sessions are held at various art museums so teachers will also get to look at art and be inspired by artists’ ideas.

4.1 Art Network Learning Communities_DT_NLC

Design Thinking NLC

This NLC provides the platform for interested teachers to experience design thinking as a form of critical inquiry, and to use it to inform teaching. Over time, this Design Thinking NLC will also explore how design thinking can be taught as an alternative inquiry approach, so as to support artistic creations and design iterations.

4.1 Art Network Learning Communities_CI NLC

Critical Inquiry NLC

Experienced teachers who are interested in broadening their perspectives on student-centred pedagogy and artistic research methods are invited to submit their
nominations to participate in this NLC. Selected teachers will embark on school-based critical inquiry projects and share their learning with the art fraternity.