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About Drawing Symposium 2020

In place of the annual Museum Education Symposium, STAR will be hosting our inaugural Drawing Symposium in January 2020! The full-day symposium seeks to deepen the theoretical underpinnings for drawing as core module with the intent to highlight the significance of drawing as fundamental and integral to art learning.



  • Deepen teachers’ appreciation and understanding of concept of drawing
  • Investigate a spectrum of drawing strategies; drawing resources to support the teaching and learning of art; and
  • Strengthen teachers’ knowledge of inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning through studio practices and discussion on drawing.

The full-day symposium to be held at AST features:

  • 5 Masterclasses conducted by overseas and local artists;
  • Keynote Address delivered by Outstanding-Educator-in-Residence (OEIR) Dr. Andrea Kantrowitz; and
  • 5 Concurrent Sessions sharing by colleagues and partners
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Masterclass Sessions

Erica Duthie & Struan Ashby

Masterclass 1: Weaving Connections: Figurative and Improvised Mural Making with Tape


Artists: Ms. Erica Duthie and Mr. Struan Ashby from TapeArt NZ


Time: 9am – 12pm

Venue: STAR TR 1

This drawing masterclass explores expressive gestural line and figure drawing as a part of collaborative mural making using tape. Participants will be introduced to a range of strategies designed to enrich improvised murals with complementary pre-made components. Through a series of exercises designed to scaffold, participants will glean an understanding of the processes involved in creating collaborative tape art projects.

Find out more about Tape Art in the following links:

  1. What is Tape Art(.pdf, 70.96 KB)
  2. TapeArt Techniques(.pdf, 69.04 KB)
  3. TapeArtNZ Video Links(.pdf, 68.22 KB)

About the Artists:

An international public art professional creative team from New Zealand, who specialise in developing ephemeral art as part of festivals and exhibitions and public events. The team often work on museums frontages and forecourts as a playful intermediary between cultural institutions and the public. Their projects are characteristically novel and quirky in concept and use and re-use of unexpected materials. Their earliest works was as forerunners of the now burgeoning field of Tape Art developed their skills as improvised drawing performers and socially engaged art practitioners. They are known for their large scale whimsical narratives, tape murals alive with expressive figure drawing and sumptuous detailing.


Masterclass 2: Drawing Potential from a Mobile Digital Studio: Introduction to iPad Sketching


Artist: Mr Rob Sketcherman

Time: 9am – 12pm

Venue: AST TR 18-19


Designed to walk you step-by-step from absolute scratch, even if you have never launched a drawing app before, Introduction to iPad Sketching guides you through your first steps in exploring digital sketching, using Procreate the best drawing / painting app for the iPad.

This 3-hour workshop is suitable for beginners to digital sketching and will take participants from launching Procreate, to understanding its interface, basic tools and workflows, and will have you sketching digitally on location by the end of the workshop. Rob will also show photos and samples of his work that range from urban sketching, project commissions and the design and creation of mural-sized artwork.

About the Artist

Self-taught and crediting comic books for teaching him how to draw, Rob Sketcherman is an iPad artist and urban sketcher who only learned about the practice of recording and sharing one’s life through sketches a few years ago. Compelled to simplify and downsize due to limited physical space, and inspired by David Hockney’s adoption of the iPad as a creative medium, he decided to go completely digital at the beginning of 2014, embracing the speed and versatility of working with what he often refers to as his Ultimate Mobile Digital Studio. Rob thrives on the immediacy of responding to sights, smells and sounds before him, telling snippets of stories of as they unfold in the moment, whether he is on a street market at home in Hong Kong, or exploring corners of the globe with friends from the global urban sketching community. His work has since taken him around the world on a variety of project commissions, as well as teaching workshops, where he leads people of all stripes to use iPads in their own journeys of appreciating details and recording their lives while making art on the street.

Kiah Kiean Ch'ng

Masterclass 3: Contemporary Chinese Ink Drawing: Drawing Alternative Perspectives

Artist: Mr. Ch’ng Kiah Kiean

Time: 9am – 12pm

Venue: AST TR 5


In this workshop, participants will make their own sketching tools from dry twigs and dish washing sponge. Participants will be immersed in exploring and investigating the use of Chinese ink as the main medium and the traditional Chinese ink painting concept of leaving white space.

About the Artist

Ch’ng Kiah Kiean, born 1974 in George Town, Penang. He graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia with Architecture Degree. After running his own graphic design studio for about 10 years he is now a fulltime artist based in Penang. He published Sketchers of Pulo Pinang in 2009 and Line-line Journey in 2011. Kiah Kiean joined Urban Sketchers in 2009 and co-founded Urban Sketchers Penang in 2010. Find out more of his work at

Chen Yanyun

Masterclass 4: Dry Medium Drawing: A Practice-based Research A/r/tography – inquire in the world through on-going process of art making/drawing

Artist: Dr Chen Yanyun

Time: 9am – 12pm

Venue: AST TR 6


What does it mean to seamlessly connect art, research and teaching into an integrated practice, through the process of making? How does the awareness of concept, form, process and reflection reveal themselves in the art-making? This workshop seeks to investigate our individual peculiarities and research, while diving deeply into practice-based research.


This 3-hour workshop is suitable for art teachers with an interest in developing an art practice that is aware, meandering, and open to the many processes of learning within art-making. Yanyun will be showing examples of her works that follow questions in her research, and how they find space within her lectures, writings, and art works.

About the Artist

Dr. Yanyun Chen (b. 1986, Singapore) is an artist . She runs a charcoal-based drawing , animation and installation practice, and her works respond to writing — fictional and philosophical — as well as aesthetic traditions and techniques. She researches cultural wounds, and tells auto-fictional stories of dowry traditions, hereditary scars, and dressing up in nudity. She was presented with the People’s Choice Award at the President’s Young Talents 2018 exhibition at Singapore Art Museum and was the winner of the 2019 ArtOutreach IMPART Visual Artist Award. Her dissertation “Skinning Nudity” received a Summa Cum Laude from the European Graduate School, Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought doctoral programme. She is a full-time lecturer in the Arts & Humanities division of Yale-NUS College in Singapore, the founder of illustration and animation studio Piplatchka, and the managing partner of publishing house Delere Press LLP. She lives and works in Singapore.


Masterclass 5: Drawing from Life: Storytelling through Illustration

Illustrator: Mr Lee Kow Fong

Time: 9am – 12pm

Venue: AST TR 7


Illustration for children’s book is not just about how skilful one’s drawing technique could be. In fact, illustration is all about communication, how the illustrator conveys stories or ideas or concepts for the viewers/readers through images. To be a good visual communicator, we must be able to appreciate the basic idea of “Visual Literacy”.

About the Illustrator

Lee Kow Fong, or Ah Guo, graduated with a BA(Hons) in Chinese Studies from National University of Singapore and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Translation and Interpretation from Nanyang Technological University. He received his MA in Children’s Book Illustration from Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, UK in 2011. Since then, he has been actively involved in the promotion and creation of picture-book in Singapore. Presently, he is putting in full-time effort in pursuing his passion in illustration, writing and picture-book. He is also a regular columnist on Lianhe Zaobao and provides adjunct teaching at several institutions including Ngee Ann Polytechnic and National Institute of Education. A prolific painter, Kow Fong has held several exhibitions showcasing his digital and water-colour illustrations in recent years, including “The Colour of Silence” (2013), “The Songs of Wind” (2014), “Dreamscape” (2016), “Wonderful Day” (2017) and “So Much Fun” (2019). To date, he has published close to 20 books in Singapore, among which majority are Chinese picture-books for young readers. His latest picture-book “The Search” was awarded “Best Children’s Title” in 2016 Singapore Book Awards and has ventured into overseas market including China, Korea, Hongkong, Vietnam and Malaysia. Kow Fong is now a resident artist of the Chinese Media Group, Singapore Press Holdings Pte Ltd. 阿果专页Personal page:

Keynote Lecture: Drawing Thought

Andrea Kantrowitz


Dr Andrea Kantrowitz


Assistant Professor and Art Education & Graduate Program Coordinator 

State University of New York @ New Paltz

United States of America


Time: 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Venue: AST Blk F Auditorium


Drawing is a trans-disciplinary tool of thought and collaboration in teaching, learning and research. Drawing as a tool of thought leverages human cognition as both embodied and situated in the physical and environmental contexts in which it takes place. Drawing harnesses and integrates multiple capacities for perception, action and cognition.  Visual and spatial metaphors play a prominent role in our everyday thoughts and speech. When we ask how to level the playing field or balance the scales of justice, we are using visuo-spatial metaphors to ground conceptual thought. Drawing allows us to play with these visuospatial metaphors. By slowing down in order to externalize ideas and perceptions on paper, drawing makes visible the fuzzy and iterative nature of much of human thought. We pay attention to that which otherwise might lurk beneath the surface of conscious awareness.

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session 1: Community Engagement Projects



Sarah Choo - Nanyang Girls' High (SH)

Hew Soo Hun - Nanyang Junior College (SH) 

Erica Duthie and Struan Ashby (Artists)


Time: 3.50pm – 5.15pm

Venue: AST TR 16-17


Have you ever wonder how drawing can be used as a means to enable our students to transform public spaces as art advocates in our community? In this concurrent session, the presenters will share how students of different levels are empowered to be active agents of change through community engagement projects in local and international context.


Presentation 1: Art in Transit 

Sarah Choo - Nanyang Girls' High (SH) 

A parallel to the act of ‘drawing’, Art in Transit references methods of tracing steps, memory and history within the Mass Railway Transit in Singapore.


Art in Transit is a student led, level wide activity that aims to guide individuals in understanding the culture and heritage of Singapore through the appreciation of Singapore through the appreciation of artworks at various MRT stations. Join us for a session of sharing on behind the scenes; the process of researching and compiling a resource guide, of creating a digital activity journal and finally working together to put their ideas for a potential art piece on paper.


Presentation 2: Enlivening Spaces – Colourful Backdrops to Mundane Living 

Hew Soo Hun - Nanyang Junior College (SH)

Students from Nanyang Junior College have brought some joy to the community by transforming void deck spaces as well as the interiors and facades of welfare organisations with their vibrant murals. Educator Hew Soo Hun will share the challenges and learning derived from some of these community projects.


Presentation 3: Drawn Together: Fostering Socially Engaged Drawing Projects in the Community

Erica Duthie and Struan Ashby

Public artists Struan Ashby and Erica Duthie share how they have used tape drawing as a means to enable participants to share public space and become visible agents of culture making in their own communities. The artists will discuss a selection of their community projects as varied as national arrival stories, future cities and community labyrinths, re-imagined star constellations.



Concurrent Session 2: Sharing cum Hands-on using the Drawing Inspirations Resource for Primary Art Teachers



Jasjit Kuar - St. Hilda's Primary (Tr)

Aleeza Dwi Artha - Mee Toh School (Tr)

Angelina Ang Su Yunn - Tampines North Primary School (ST)


Time: 3.50pm – 5.15pm

Venue: AST TR 18


The act of drawing enables children to make sense of the world. It empowers them to imagine and make the invisible visible at least on paper. Let us see how drawing can be a powerful mode of discovery and creativity. In this concurrent session, the three Drawing NLC teacher-presenters will share how they have used the drawing exercises in the Drawing Inspirations Resource Pack to engage their primary level students.


Presentation 1: Surrealist Buildings - Using Chance Element & Exquisite Corpse approach to create Surrealist-Inspired Building Designs 

Jasjit Kuar - St. Hilda's Primary (Tr) 

Students learnt to embrace the unpredictability as a result of chance occurrences and group collaboration in art making. The experiences fostered spontaneity and exploration. Students learnt to make connections with the Exquisite Corpse Approach and Surrealism. Using the Chance Element strategy to navigate and influence their designs, students collaborated to create their surrealist-inspired buildings.


Presentation 2: Abstract Portrait – Continuous Line Drawing

Aleeza Dwi Artha - Mee Toh School (Tr)

Artists will be challenged to step out of their comfort zone in creating portraits. Using exploration of continuous line drawing, artists will be immersed in creating portraits with different styles in a fun way.


Presentation 3: Drawing Differently

Angelina Ang Su Yunn - Tampines North Primary School (ST)

The use of the various drawing strategies exposed students to alternative ways of artmaking. These experiences piqued students’ interest as they learnt to question the norms of drawing and discovered new possibilities with everyday things as artmaking tools.



Concurrent Session 3: Sharing cum Hands-on using the Drawing Inspirations Resource for Secondary/JC Art Teachers



Pennie Ong - St. Joseph's Institution (Tr)

Teh Ting Ting - CHIJ (Toa Payoh) Secondary (LT)

Keh Hwee Peng - Hua Yi Secondary (LT)


Time: 3.50pm – 5.15pm

Venue: AST TR 19


The act of drawing enables our youths to make sense of the world. It empowers them to imagine and make the impossible possible at least on paper. Let us see how drawing can be a powerful mode of discovery and creativity. In this concurrent session, the three Drawing NLC teacher-presenters will share how they have used the drawing exercises in the Drawing Inspiration Resource Pack  to engage their Secondary level students.


Presentation 1: Collaborative Drawing - Taking a Line for a Walk

Pennie Ong - St. Joseph's Institution (Tr)

This sharing will highlight how students can build art skills as well as confidence through collaborative drawing. Educator Pennie will share how her students learnt about media experimentation and visual qualities with reference to how artists use these qualities. This module allowed her students to communicate in innovative visual ways.


Presentation 2: Translating Tactile Experiences through Collaborative Mark-Making

Teh Ting Ting - CHIJ Sec (Toa Payoh) (LT)

This sharing will focus on how students can share a common learning experience through a collaborative experimental drawing activity. Educator Ting Ting will share how students employed their sense of touch to translate their unfamiliar tactile experiences into random marks using charcoal, brown pastel and chinese ink, which guided their creative process.

Presentation 3: Drawing as Vision on Paper

Keh Hwee Peng - Hua Yi Secondary (LT)

This sharing will feature drawing as a process for discovery. Educator Hwee Peng will share how she used drawing strategies to engage her students in visualising creative possibilities; turning a random mark into a thoughtful paper relief shadowbox. Samples of students’ art process and final works will be presented alongside with considerations for lesson preparation and ideas for differentiated assessment tasks.

Concurrent Session 4: Drawing Possibilities through Visual and Digital Journaling



Shirley Toh - Ang Mo Kio Primary (Tr)

Chew Jia Li Joscelin - Yishun Innova Junior College (Tr)

Chui Wen Yan - East Spring Primary (Tr)


Time: 3.50pm – 5.15pm

Venue: AST TR 6


As we observe the surrounding in our everyday life, there's so much to take in, enjoy and learn from. In this concurrent session, the three presenters will share fun ways to capture information, drawing tips and possible strategies they have engaged their students through visual journaling.


Presentation 1: Drawing Bingo Challenge

Shirley Toh - Ang Mo Kio Primary (Tr)

Art Educator, Shirley Toh shares how she uses Journal Bingo Challenge as a means to engage students in drawing activities to create avenues for students to express themselves visually inside and outside of art curriculum time.


Presentation 2: Urban Sketching

Chew Jia Li Joscelin - Yishun Innova Junior College (Tr)

Art Educator Ms Joscelin Chew shares on her experience in introducing drawing activities during Art Club sessions, developing motivation and confidence in outdoor urban sketching sessions. She will also be sharing on how urban sketching was incorporated into a museum visit led by students.


Presentation 3: A journey through Visual Journalling

Chui Wen Yan - East Spring Primary (Tr)

With many drawing ideas and techniques gained from Museum-Based Learning NLC, and Visual Journaling workshop led by Urban Sketcher Paul Wang, Educator Wendy shares how she adapted and applied her learning into the curriculum as well as Museum LJ. Resources and lesson plans will be shared with the participants as well.



Concurrent Session 5: Balik Barracks Drawing Trail (in Conjunction with Singapore Biennale @ Gillman Barracks)



Ms Dee Chia, Ms Gabrielle Lee, Mr Nur Hisyam Bin Abdul Nasser, Ms Wang Ting Ting

Singapore Art Museum Programme Team


Time: 3.50pm – 5.15pm

Venue: AST TR 7 (Gather) Gillman Barracks


Join us for the Balik Barracks Trail as we get closer to nature and examine artworks from the Singapore Biennale 2019: Every Step in the Right Direction. Through this session, you will encounter new ways of using drawing to interpreting history, sensations, sound and discover new ways of working through the artworks of artists Nabilah Nordin, Robert Zhao and Zai Tang.