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aedge: Art Educators’ Developmental and Generative Explorations

STAR warmly invites the Art fraternity to visit the annual art exhibition by art teachers for art teachers, a;edge 2020.

A semicolon is used to join 2 or more ideas (parts) in a sentence, indicating that those ideas are of equal position or rank. In the context of a;edge 2020, the semicolon signifies giving equal importance to both the traditional and contemporary art forms. It also shows how the art forms can come about together seamlessly to create a new form of artistic expression. How they might, when combined, birth new and more meaningful idea that reflects the lived experience of our time.

a;edge 2020 is brought to to you by our team of art teachers: Guest-curator Mr Tan Wee Lit, Teacher-curators Mr Zaki Zulfakar Noordin and Ang Kok Yeow, Teacher-Programme Managers Tan Shun Ru and Lee Gim Fang and Teacher-Designers Muhammad Razali and Poh Shu Hui.

Details on a;edge 2020 can be found on the microsite at