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aedge: Art Educators’ Developmental and Generative Explorations

aedge 2022 MOTD

a            e   d  g e1 2022 uses the progressive reduction of spaces between the letters to express our belief that art can bring people closer together, especially at a time where our perception and experience of space around us has become more ambiguous, shifting and transforming. This exhibition invites the Teacher-artists to examine the concept of space – intangible yet tangible, desirable or restrictive, personal and communal:

Depth investigates the inner space, the personal, subconscious thoughts and vivid emotions. It is the subtle and hidden narrative, the neglected exclamation,  the animated whisper. These artworks implore us to see beyond their surface to distil their stories.

Width explores the extended space, the void and the bridge between people, objects and places. The artworks illuminate these relationships and amplify them through their juxtapositions and interactions.

Height imagines the future space, while referencing the familiarity of our past memories and present situation. The works delve into the transformative nature of space and challenge us to wonder what the future would be.

The participants examine their concepts, motivations and obsessions using a variety of media, ranging from drawing, painting, print, ceramics, sculpture, installation, video, and performance. The diversity of the works illustrates the extent of exploration of spaces from the Teacher-artists’ perspectives and the visualisation of their personal narratives.

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1 aedge is the acronym for Art Educators’ Developmental and Generative Explorations.