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aedge: Art Educators’ Developmental and Generative Explorations


a;edge 2020 marks the 9th edition of the annual art exhibition organised by STAR to nurture the professional identity of art teachers as Teacher-artists. Brought together through collaborative efforts of a dynamic organising team, a;edge 2020 presents a total of 24 individual and collective works created by 51 Teacher-artists from schools and MOE HQ.

The eponymous semicolon, a punctuation used to join 2 or more ideas/parts in a sentence, indicating that those ideas/parts are of equal position or rank. Giving equal importance to both the traditional and contemporary art forms and offering our Teacher-artists the from to push boundaries and explore the theme with much rigour and ingenuity - the works are then curated and presented under the sub-themes of Rethinking Culture, Urban Nature and Decode.

Details on a;edge 2020 can be found on the microsite at

a;edge 2020 Pared down Exhibition Opening