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About STAR


A distinctive academy that ignites passion and inspires professional excellence in arts education.


Building a community of excellent arts teachers.


Every teacher is capable of nurturing artistic sensibilities and creative expression of pupils, developing gracious citizens and impact nation building.

The Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts (STAR) was set up in 2011 to enhance the professional excellence and practice of art and music teachers, and to improve the quality of art and music education in our schools. The mission, vision and philosophy articulate STAR’s commitment and aspirations towards deepening the professional development and learning of our arts teaching fraternity. 

STAR serves as a focal point for art and music teachers to come together to exchange pedagogical knowledge, collaborate in arts practice and network with one another. Year-round programmes are scheduled to continuously generate interest and excitement in professional learning. Specialised facilities such as art and music studios, training rooms, and a recital room support the professional development activities. 

STAR forges partnerships with local and overseas institutions and arts communities to build the community of arts educators. STAR also works with visiting fellows and Outstanding-Educators-in-Residence (OEIR) to develop special programmes.