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Publications with the Academy

The AST Publications Team aims to support the expansion of the education knowledge base from which our fraternity can draw upon for learning and collaboration.


The team cascades good practices and new knowledge through various online publications:


Latest Publication

emPowereD Feature

emPowereD, AST’s professional development digest, aims to encourage and empower teachers to develop themselves and fellow practitioners professionally.


In each issue, you will find good teaching practices and tips on how to apply them in the school setting.


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Past Publications


The Academy e-newsletter, i.d.e.a², which stands for Identity, Development, Empowerment and Affirmation @ Academy, is published twice a year.

It is a reader-friendly, practitioner-driven publication for educators by educators. It supports the expansion of our education knowledge base for our teachers, allied educators and school counsellors. In addition, it provides a platform for sharing and developing the system’s intellectual capital by cascading new knowledge and good practices to the fraternity, stimulating professional exploration and growth.

What can you expect from i.d.e.a² issues

  • Research-based articles and research findings
  • Education in the news: To tie in with calendar events in the educational landscape
  • Good practices and reflections from schools, HQ, and our overseas counterparts

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A Letter to Myself… A Gift for the Fraternity

A Letter to Myself… A Gift for the Fraternity is a compilation of heartfelt letters written by fellow educators, offering encouragement, support and advice to their younger selves. Touching and introspective, these letters are excellent examples of deep professional reflection and a source of inspiration to younger generations of educators.

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The Voice Within

The Voice Within aims to inspire educators to nurture generations of our youth with sound, ethical and moral values. This resource further serves to assure our educators that they are not alone in the vocation. The monthly inspirational articles aim to nourish educators both personally and professionally.

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Contact Us

If you would like to share your research findings and/or good practices, please feel free to contact AST’s Publications Team at to find out more about how i.d.e.a² may serve as a platform for you to contribute to the professional learning of our fraternity.