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Pre-TLW Engagement Module

The module enables facilitators to have deeper understanding of what it takes to be effective facilitators, focusing on the following areas:

  • What good facilitation involves
  • Adult learning and andragogy
  • Skilful questioning in facilitation

You will benefit by progressing sequentially from units 1 to 3. The quick checks and reflection questions aim at helping you consolidate your learning.

How do I access the module?

You will need to register to access the module. Click on 'Registration' in OPAL2.0, and you will be directed to TRAISI to sign up for the module. You will be able to access the module in OPAL after your RO logs into his/her TRAISI account to approve your registration.

If you face difficulties in logging into OPAL, you should email

You will need up to 3 hours for this module. Access this module according to your own pace and convenience. If you are planning to complete the module at your own pace and convenience and not at one go, you should return to the module homepage each time to ensure that the system captures your progress accurately.