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Application for Teacher-Led Workshop

  1. AST calls for applications yearly in May via an email sent to all ICON users. Interested teachers can complete and submit the online registration form, indicating the support/approval from their school principal, for AST’s selection and consideration.
  2. The proposed TLW must have minimally been shared at school-based platforms before.
  3. Presentations can be individual- or team-based. Each team should comprise no more than three facilitators in total. Correspondence will be made through the main facilitator. The proposed TLW should have been minimally shared at school-based platforms.
  4. Facilitators should propose a TLW relevant to the level of students they are currently teaching, to showcase how they had applied the pedagogy/approach in their own classroom and school. For example, junior college/centralised institute teachers should not be proposing a workshop meant for primary school teachers.
  5. TLWs will be held at AST. Requests to conduct the TLW at the facilitators’ school will be subject to AST’s approval.
  6. The TLW may be cancelled if there are very few sign-ups.
  7. After the completion of the TLW, facilitator(s) will receive an e-Certificate of Appreciation from AST through their principal.

What are our facilitators' thoughts on facilitating TLW?

TLW Facilitators