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Rationale of Teacher-Led Workshops

Teacher-Led Workshops (TLWs) are conducted by teachers for teachers. Guided by the mission of the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) to develop a teacher-led culture of professional excellence, AST has built on the work of Teachers’ Network to create opportunities for teachers to lead and inspire through the sharing of good practices. Through this platform, teachers will engage in professional exchange of pedagogical content knowledge, leading to enhanced pedagogical practice.

Objectives of Teacher-Led Workshops

TLW Objectives

Structure of Teacher-Led Workshops

From 2020, TLWs are conducted through three different modes of delivery: online via videoconferencing, e-learning (e-TLW) and face-to-face (skills based and subject to national posture). 


Online via video conferencing and face-to-face workshops are held in the afternoons of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (usually in the months of February, March, April, July, and August).


The structure of an online via video conferencing TLW is as follows: 


The structure of a face-to-face TLW (subject to national posture) is as follows: 


* An online TLW and an e-TLW will not have a scheduled tea break, and should be planned to run for not more than two hours.


The structure of a e-learning TLW (mounted in OPAL2.0) is as follows: