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About TCEF2023

Teachers’ Conference and ExCEL Fest  (TCEF) is a biennial conference to affirm and celebrate the spirit of professional learning amongst teachers. Since 2001, ten Teachers’ Conferences have been organised and TCEF2023 will be our first edition that takes a blended format. 

Over the years, the Teachers’ Conference has incorporated the MOE Innergy and Outstanding Innovation Awards Ceremony, the MOE ExCEL Fest, the Conference for the Co-Curriculum, and the International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology. TCEF2023 now brings the Arts Education Conference (AEC), the ELIS Conference (ELISC) and the Physical and Sports Education Conference (PSEC) together as one.

The Conference aims to bring local educators together to learn, to connect and to engage with thought leaders and practitioners, as we explore possibilities for the future of teaching and learning. The focus of TCEF2023 is ‘Ignite Imagination. Empower Communities. Transform Practice’. It reinforces our fraternity’s emphasis on lifelong learning and supports us to continually deepen our beliefs, better understand our students, and further strengthen our classroom practice to nurture future-ready learners.

Proposal Submissions

We invite Education Officers from schools and HQ to put up your proposals to share effective pedagogical and professional development practices with other educators at TCEF2023. You can choose the most suitable conference feature to do so.

For more information, please refer to the email sent by MOE Academy on 10 May.

If you have any queries, please contact us at