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Ms Promail Leung (5 to 31 August 2011)

AST’s 1st OEIR


In 2011, AST invited Ms Promail Leung Kin Yi to be the first OEIR. A recipient of the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence, Ms Leung had presented at the Teachers’ Conference 2010 and had shared with our teachers pedagogies to promote self-directed learning amongst students in the subject discipline of Physics. She had also presented at other international conferences which aimed to enhance Science teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge.

During her attachment from 5 August – 31 August 2011, Ms Leung conducted an action research project, visited schools and conducted four Master Classes on Physics. Through the Master Classes titled ‘Raising Students’ Motivation and Interest in Learning Physics through Investigative Studies’ conducted by Ms Leung, teachers were able to learn about innovative pedagogies for motivating students in the learning of Physics. Teachers got to experience different hands-on activities which they could apply in their classroom teaching to make the learning of Physics more interesting and engaging for their students. All of the Master Classes were oversubscribed by the teachers who strongly agreed that they benefited from the classes and learnt a great deal from Ms Leung.

Ms Leung created a positive impact on all whom she interacted with during her one-month attachment in Singapore. Many teachers were inspired by her high insights to teaching, her willingness to share good classroom practices, and her eagerness to connect and to learn from Singapore teachers too.

Master Class by Ms Promail LeungDialogue between Ms Promail Leung and teachers after a lesson observation