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Mr Thomas E Daccord (31 January to 10 February 2012)

AST’s 4th OEIR


Mr Thomas E. Daccord is a veteran "laptop teacher" who instructed in a wireless laptop environment for seven years and has worked with schools, districts, and colleges in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. He has also presented on educational technology at various national and regional conferences.
His profile and background are as follows:
Former High School Teacher
Co-Director, EdTech Teacher, Inc. (since 2008) and Center for Teaching History with Technology (since 2003)

Co-author of ‘Best Ideas for Teaching with Technology’ (2008)

Author of ‘Best of History Web Sites’ (2007)

During his attachment, he conducted various ICT workshops for teachers and officers from Educational Technology Division (ETD). He also held professional dialogues with officers from Curriculum Planning and Development Division (CPDD) and ETD, and facilitated a dialogue on ‘ICT in Education’ with HQ officers.
During the workshops, teachers learned about the importance of web literacy, and of how to get their students to become efficient in searching for information from the Web. They also learnt how to integrate the iPad effectively in their classroom teaching. In the workshop on assessment, participants were introduced to apps that can help in the summative testing of learning, as well as the different protocols and methodology that could be used in assessing the effectiveness of ICT lessons. The workshops were well received by the teachers who gave positive feedback on them.

As part of the OEIR programme, Mr Daccord visited West View Primary School and Tanjong Katong Girls’ School. He observed classroom lessons by teachers who incorporated the use of ICT in their teaching. ICT mentors, ETD and AST officers, teachers and school leaders were present as well. Mr Daccord conducted a post-lesson discussion, and delved on issues facing the teachers and learners in integrating technology in the classroom. Mr Daccord also visited Jurong Secondary School, a Future School in ICT integration. He observed a lesson, toured the school and held conversations with the school leaders and key personnel on the school’s strategic direction for ICT.
Mr Daccord also delivered one keynote address titled ‘Leading Change in Changing Times’ to teachers, school leaders and HQ officers. In his address, he painted a future of an ICT-ready society and workplace, and stressed on the urgency of inculcating students with 21st century skills in the classroom today.

One of the highlights of Mr Daccord’s visit to Singapore was the meeting he had with Director-General of Education (DGE), Director of Educational Technology (DET) and Executive Director (ED) of AST. The hour-long conversation saw a fruitful exchanging of views on educational policies and practices regarding ICT in education, and the need to have passionate educators with a clear understanding of the rationale for the use of ICT.

Mr Daccord has indeed created a positive impact through his interactions during his two-week attachment in Singapore. Many teachers were impressed by his passion and knowledge on ICT tools which he willingly shared with them. He was subsequently invited by DGE to speak at the iCTLT conference in March 2012

Master Class by Mr Thomas DaccordMaster Class by Mr Thomas Daccord