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Outstanding Educator-in-Residence (OEIR) Programme

In his Opening Address at the 5th Teachers’ Conference 2010, Dr Ng Eng Hen, the former Minister for Education and Second Minister for Defence, highlighted the reputation which Singapore’s education system enjoys in the international arena. This reputation could augment the building of a culture of continuous learning and improvement in Singapore’s teaching profession. With this in mind, the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) designed the Outstanding Educator-in-Residence (OEIR) Programme.

The OEIR Programme establishes partnerships with professional around the world, tapping on their expertise to enhance the professional development of our teachers.

With a focus on teachers and the work they do, AST invites outstanding overseas educators who are themselves classroom practitioners as OEIRs to share their expertise on teaching pedagogies and classroom practices.

This is in line with the current professional development focus to strengthen the theory-practice nexus, as well as with the sharing of effective classroom practices that will enhance the pedagogical content knowledge of Singapore teachers.

The OEIR programme aims to

  1. leverage the expertise of outstanding overseas educators to enhance the integration of knowledge into practice; 
  2. increase the capacity of educators (local and foreign) to work collaboratively towards quality education programmes and innovative curriculum design;
  3. enrich the application of knowledge by providing opportunities for classroom research, practice, and consultation, as opposed to pure academic research and discussions; and
  4. forge sustained partnerships with international educators and  better understanding and appreciation of our  education system, through the agency of the Academy of Singapore Teachers.

Outstanding Educator-in-Consultancy (OEIC) Programme

In view of the travel restrictions due to COVID-19, the OEIR programme was revamped into the Outstanding Educator-in-Consultancy (OEIC) programme. The OEIC programme provides opportunities for excellent educators to share their innovative subject-specific pedagogies/strategies with our local educators. Together with a Master Teacher from AST and a local teacher, the innovative pedagogies/strategies shared by the OEIC will be enacted in the Singapore classroom context. These innovative pedagogical practices will then be shared with Singapore teachers via online platforms.

Networking Opportunities with Outstanding Overseas Educators

We have built a professional network to connect educators in Singapore with outstanding educators around the world.  These overseas educators are recipients of the Distinguished Fulbright Awards in Teaching Programme (Singapore), and top educators invited as fellows under our Outstanding-Educator-in-Residence (OEIR) programme.

Educators may be interested to conduct learning journeys to the native countries of the OEIRs / Fulbright teachers, or conduct scans on their education systems.  To help Singapore educators in establishing connections with them, AST has created a database of information to aid in starting the communication links. We hope that with the establishment of this professional network, Singapore educators will have the opportunity to initiate professional collaborations with these outstanding educators, either online or possibly even through visits to their countries.  We believe that through this connectivity, teachers and educators can continue to explore future educational opportunities in the spirit of continuous learning and improvement.


You may access the materials and videos of the Master Classes/Workshops via this URL: (OPAL2.0 login required)