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PAT Publication: Teach to Inspire, Inspire to Teach

The PAT recipients and finalists inspire their student to achieve their best and work towards their dreams. Their enthusiasm for teaching and learning spur their peers on, leading them to strive for excellence in the imparting of knowledge and values to students. Guided by the Ethos of the Teaching Profession, these teachers go the extra mile to ensure that every child develops holistically and emerges as confident and competent students of the 21st Century.

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2019 Noteworthy Practices

Primary Schools

1) Teacher About Me Learning Chinese Through Rap Music by Jiao Fuzhen

2) YES! Programme (Young Exploring Scientists) by Ong Ee Lee

Access the PAT Primary Noteworthy Practices(.pdf, 1.44 MB) of the 2 nominees from the Primary Schools.


Secondary Schools

1) Reaching Out to the Community through Applied Learning Programme (ALP) by Neo Peck Wee Joel

2) Use of Historical Simulations to teach Conceptual Understanding in the History Classroom by Chew Ee

Access the PAT Secondary Noteworthy Practices(.pdf, 4.76 MB) of the 2 nominees from the Secondary Schools.


2018 Noteworthy Practices

Applying Visible Thinking in Character Education for Lower Primary Learners(.pdf, 300.22 KB)
Anna Shii Tuong Sen

Using Online Games to Teach Concepts(.pdf, 187.6 KB)
Hendri Adriadi Bin Rizal Ismunandar

Designing a Project-based Learning Package for English Language(.pdf, 190.8 KB)
Lee May Ping Jasmine

Infusing World Issues into the Classroom to Develop Concerned Citizens(.pdf, 172.58 KB)
S Srijith

Promoting Innovation , Social Entrepreneurship and Community Problem-solving(.pdf, 270.84 KB)
Tan Mei San

Developing Applied Learning Programme in Chemical and Applied Sciences(.pdf, 219.13 KB)
Ting Chu Hwee Agnes

A Community Approach to Inculcating Cyber Wellness(.pdf, 178.25 KB)
Zhang Yanchun Angelia