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The aim of the PLC process was to improve pedagogical practice, thereby fostering a culture of professional excellence in schools and across the system. A school becomes a PLC when the Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) work towards the realisation of articulated PLC goals, embodied in the 3 Big Ideas, 4 Critical Questions and 5 Dimensions for Effective PLCs, and learn together as a community. 

You may contact us at, with '[PLC] Nature of Query' in the subject header.


Thank you for joining us at 3rd SSD Networking Session where we shared the Enhanced Guide to Effective PLCs and the tools for review. Check out the photos from the event below. 


Leading Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) with Basic Facilitation Skills (71066)

Participants who lead Professional Learning Teams will be able to:

  • understand the principles of adult learning to plan and to facilitate PLT meetings;
  • identify social styles and adapt the preferred styles of facilitation to meet the needs of different groups of educators;
  • use various process facilitation techniques; and
  • to promote meaningful dialogues using reflective thinking.


Data-Driven Conversations in Professional Learning Teams (73589)

After attending the course, participants who are in Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) will be able to:

  • identify and apply an appropriate research methodology and data collection strategy for their inquiry;
  • understand data-driven conversations and how it guides the collaborative inquiry work in PLTs;
  • use appropriate tools to analyse student data to better understand the link between pedagogical intervention and student outcomes;
  • understand how data is used qualitatively and quantitatively to evaluate the effectiveness of their inquiry project; and
  • apply basic statistical tools in analysing educational data (e.g., preparing data tables, conducting simple mean level comparisons and correlational analysis as well as testing the reliability of measures).


To sign up for the courses, please search for the course title or course code via the Catalogue page on OPAL2.0.

PLC Session at SSD Induction 2019_2Session conducted by AST PLC team at SSD Induction