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Ethos of the Teaching Profession

Teachers play a key role in nurturing our children as we lead, care for and inspire future generations of young Singaporeans. We have a profound and lasting influence on the lives of the students we teach. Hence, we need to stay fast to the highest standards and ideals of the profession.
We have direct access to students and are placed in a privileged position of trust and respect. Therefore, we have a special responsibility in maintaining the trust and respect that parents and the community have accorded us.
As members of a trusted profession, we are responsible for reflecting on our own conduct, developing our practice, and ensuring that we meet the standards of the profession.
The Ethos of the Teaching Profession is expressed in the following five facets:
Five facets of the Ethos of the Teaching Profession

Our Singapore Educators' Philosophy of Education, which captures the core beliefs and tenets of the teaching profession and serves as the foundation of teachers' professional practice; 

The Desired Outcomes of Education, which establishes a common purpose for the teaching fraternity, guiding educational and school policies, programmes and practices;

The Teachers' Vision, which articulates the aspirations and roles of the teaching profession, helping teachers to focus on what to do in pursuit of professional excellence; 

The Teachers' Pledge, which constitutes an act of public undertaking that each teacher takes to uphold the highest standards in professional practice; and     

The Teachers' Creed, which codifies the practices of retired and present educators and makes explicit their tacit beliefs. It provides a guide for teachers to fulfil our responsibilities and obligations, and to honour the promise of attaining professional excellence.

Each of the above is an important facet of an integrated Ethos of the Teaching Profession.

Symbol of the Ethos of the Teaching Profession

The compass has been chosen to depict the facets of the Ethos of the Teaching Profession. Pointing to the true north, it symbolises the constancy of values in the lives of educators.




Goal of the Ethos: Towards Teacher-Led Professional Excellence

The Ethos of the Teaching Profession helps foster a distinct professional identity and deepens the pride that we have in our chosen profession.
Teachers are best placed to lead and uphold the standing of the profession. The Ethos will guide all teachers to serve with honour in all areas of our responsibilities as we progress in our journey as educators.

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