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Demonstration Classes Conducted at CTLE@YISS

You may view snippets of the demonstration classes conducted at CTLE@YISS below.

  1. Subject: Character and Citizenship Education/Social Studies

    Title: Using Questions to Teach for Conceptual Understanding

    This short video features snippets of a Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) demonstration class co-facilitated by MTT/CCE and a Social Studies (SS) teacher from YISS. MTT/CCE began the lesson by unpacking the concept of hawker culture with the students, and followed to engage the students in a class discussion on ‘Who is responsible in preserving the hawker culture in Singapore?’ through the use of questions guided by the CCE2021 framework. The students also had the opportunity to role-play different stakeholders in the hawker scene. Following the lesson, participants of the demonstration class engaged in a post-lesson discussion with MTTs/CCE and MTT/SS on how they could apply their learning back in their respective school.

  2. Subject: Mathematics

    Title: Leveraging ICT to Promote Metacognition in Mathematics through Variation Theory on the Topic of Standard Deviation

    This  short video features snippets of a demonstration class, co-facilitated by MTT/Mathematics and Mathematics teacher from YISS, on how to promote metacognition in a Mathematics lesson. The topic of the lesson was Standard Deviation. Participants joined the session via the Zoom video-conferencing platform and took part in the component of the lesson hosted on the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) as co-teachers to facilitate the students’ reflection. During the post-lesson discussion led by the MTT, participants discussed ways to leverage technology to scaffold and enhance students’ awareness of their thinking processes, and to monitor and regulate students’ cognitive processes by applying heuristics to problem solving.

  3. Subject: Physics

Title: Teaching Waves at Upper Secondary Level

This short video features snippets of a Physics demonstration class on wave motion, co-facilitated MTT/Physics and Lead Teacher from YISS, and includes the pre- and post-lesson discussions. In the lesson, the students engaged in small group discussions and a hands-on activity to help them understand the general properties of waves. After the lesson, MTT/Physics and the Lead Teacher facilitated a discussion with participants via the Zoom video conferencing platform, where they addressed questions the participants posted on Padlet.