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PD Resources

PD Resources (Local)

The local PD resources are accessible via OPAL2.0. Please click the link(s) below.

History of PD of EOs in SG 2nd Ed

This digital, second edition of the e-monograph, History of Professional Development of Education Officers in Singapore, published by the Professional Development Planning Office builds on the first print edition in featuring the voices from the ground, reflecting stakeholders’ insights, and perspectives of professional development policies and programmes from the 1800s till the present.  By codifying the PD journey, the monograph aims to help MOE officers develop a deeper understanding of the PD policies over the years, and, in particular, how changes in educational policies have influenced priorities and direction of PD.

This e-monograph is accessible via OPAL2.0.

Information on an overview and access of the e-monograph is available from Our PD Journey at


PD Resources (Global)

1. Workshops and Learning Programmes 

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b. Guskey, T. R. (2002). Professional development and teacher change. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 8(3), 381-391.

2. Blended Learning for PD 

a. Community for Advancing Discovery Research in Education. (2017). Emerging Design Principles for Online and Blended Teacher Professional Development in K-12 STEM Education. Waltham, MA: Education Development Center, Inc.

3. Networked Learning Communities

a. Katz, S., & Earl, L. (2010). Learning about networked learning communities. School Effectiveness and School Improvement: An International Journal of Research, Policy and Practice, 21(1), 27–51.

b. Jackson, D., & Temperley, J. (2007). From professional learning community to networked learning community. In L. Stoll & K. S. Louis (Eds.), Professional learning communities: Divergence, depth and dilemmas (pp. 45–62). Maidenhead, England: Open University Press.

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