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Professional Development Planning Office

Guiding Philosophy of Professional Development (PD)

- Ownership and Leadership in PD

The Professional Development Planning Office (PDPO) was established in 2019 with the objective to have strategic oversight of PD at the system level and to engender greater coherence of PD across MOE divisions and schools. Sited in AST, PDPO’s mission to develop a coherent and forward-looking PD for MOE is aligned to AST’s focus on promoting teacher professionalism and raising the overall professional standing and quality of the teaching service through quality PD.

PDPO’s work is anchored on the philosophy of ownership and leadership - that professional learning is owned by each of us, and we have the professional responsibility to rise and lead others’ learning when we can. This serves to nurture a greater sense of belonging to a wider professional fraternity, see ourselves as co-constructors or facilitators rather than transmitters of professional knowledge, and embody a mission to develop a culture of professional excellence.


Mr Lee Yan Kheng
PDPO & Professional Development Branch 1, 
Academy of Singapore Teachers



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