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Professional Development Planning Office

Guiding Philosophy of Professional Development (PD)

- Ownership and Leadership in PD

Since 2010, PD for MOE educators has been guided by our philosophy of Teacher Ownership and Teacher Leadership – that PD is owned by each of us, and we have the professional responsibility to rise and lead others’ learning when we can. This has brought about a paradigm shift in the roles and identities of teachers – they have a greater sense of belonging to a wider teaching fraternity, see themselves as co-constructors or facilitators rather than transmitters of professional knowledge, and embody a mission to develop a culture of teacher-led professional excellence. This philosophy is also a recognition of the importance of practitioners’ (tacit) knowledge vis-à-vis research and theory. We envision a similar PD philosophy expanded to encompass all in MOE, including the EAS fraternity – Ownership and Leadership in PD – which will guide PDPO in its role and work.


Mr Teoh Tiong San
PDPO & Professional Development Branch 2, 
Academy of Singapore Teachers


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