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Interest Groups

Do you have a special interest which you would like to share with your fellow MOE colleagues?
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Note: This platform is only meant for Special Interest Groups related to well-being which are helmed by MOE officers.


Sleeping Like A SGBaby


These days, educators are witnessing an increasing number of students who are hyperactive or incapable of sustained attention in lessons. Are you aware that such behavior is usually attributed to those who do not get sufficient and quality sleep? Ever wondered why your child is sleeping poorly? How can I get my child to learn how to fall asleep without assistance? Is it even possible for the whole family to be well-rested? As educators ourselves, we know and value the importance of sleep. We would like to reach out to parents and parents-to-be to understand the science behind sleep and troubleshoot their children's sleep issues through our support group.

Link:  Sgbabysleep 

About Us
Hui Min is an English and F&N teacher at Canberra Secondary School and is expecting her second child this May. Having struggled with infant sleep issues, an aspect often underrated and commonly misunderstood, she would like to help other struggling and sleep-deprived families adopt healthy sleep routines and achieve restorative sleep that they need.

Gwen is a History and Social Studies teacher at Damai Secondary who is currently on Maternity Leave after having given birth to her second daughter. She counts herself blessed to be surrounded by a supportive community in the process of sleep training and managing her children's sleep schedules, and would love to share what she knows with fellow well meaning parents.

Geraldine is a Biology teacher at Raffles Institution who is passionate about Astronomy and the affective needs of teenagers. Ever since she is back in school after NPL, she has been emphasizing about the importance of sleep to her 16YO students such that most of them have started adhering to a bedtime of not later than 10-11PM with much earlier bedtime of 9-10PM on weekends.

Calling all Board Gamers!


Board games are for kids, you say? Or something to do when we are stuck indoors and have nothing else to do, huh? We say, ‘nay’! Board gaming is a growing hobby and there are good reasons why:

Gaming helps you relax: Board games can take us away from daily rigours and stresses, by shifting our focus to completely different settings. Would you like to build a zoo? Or be a pirate racing other ships? Perhaps fighting for world domination as penguins (really weird, that one)? Whatever themes you can think of tickles your fancy, there is likely a game out there for you.

Gaming builds friendships: In a stress-free social setting where a small group is putting their minds on the same ‘puzzle’, making friends almost feels like the most natural thing to do. At the same time, we can set aside our mobile devices and be present with the people around us. No common topics? The game itself is one you can readily get into as a shared experience! 

Gaming is a great way to learn: Games are such an effective vehicle for learning, because they can help us learn without realising we are learning. Whether it is physical dexterity or logical thinking, games help us train the ‘mental muscles’ for more strenuous thinking. Also, someone who has played Risk enough times can tell you where ‘Kamchatka’ is on the world map. J

We are a very small group of folks who loves playing board games and hope to get a monthly session going for colleagues who may be interested. Completely new to the hobby, or an experienced gamer with your mini-library? Get in touch and let’s get some games going!

Coordinator / “Ringleader” – Fong Cheok []