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OLive Staff Well-being

About OLive Staff Well-Being

At MOE, we recognise that the well-being of our officers will directly affect their capacity and motivation for work. We believe in nurturing a workplace culture that would help our officers better manage their well-being, work and family commitments effectively. In addressing staff well-being, MOE subscribes to the OLive approach which stands for “Opportunities for Lives to be ignited with vitality and exuberance”.

What is OLive?

OLive is an integrated approach to developing and enhancing staff well-being. It looks into the social, physical, intellectual, community and emotional (SPICE) development of staff so as to enable them to achieve well-being in different aspects of their lives – self, family, work, community and environment.

OLive Philosophy

The well-being of staff is integral to the ability and success of our education service in nurturing our young. A deep sense of well-being will energise staff and enable them to connect their life and work to their inner calling and the larger purpose of shaping the future of the nation through making a difference to the lives of others. 

OLive Vision

MOE, a great place to grow, connect and impact lives. 

OLive Goal

Promoting a culture where staff take ownership of their well-being to achieve harmony in self, family, work, community and environment.

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