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Our Galleries

MOE Heritage Centre has three floors of galleries, an Inspiration Garden and a Outdoor Trail. Through historical artefacts, audios, videos and interactive stations collectively evoke a sense of nostalgia among visitors and for educators, a sense of pride in their career.

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Ground Level Galleries

Learn more about the history of our school buildings, school life in the past and technical education in our schools.


Outdoor Trail

This trail tells three thematic education stories to complement the Education Story in the main gallery. Enjoy the fresh air as you find out more about what has food growing got to do with schools, schools in Singapore's off-shore islands and the school Jaga's story!


Upper Floor Galleries: The Singapore Education Story

Our galleries on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the Heritage Centre chronicle the narrative of the Singapore Education Story from the 19th century till now through historical artefacts, multimedia stations and reflections of educators.