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Teachers Mission & Vision


Enculturing professional excellence among Malay language teachers to attain the qualities of Arif Budiman.


An excellent teacher training centre for Malay language.

In serving as a focal point for ML teachers to support their in-service training and development, and improve the quality of the teaching and learning of ML in Singapore, MLCS aspire to achieve in the following areas:

  • Developing leadership quality among ML teachers;
  • Deepening teachers’ understanding of theory and practice;
  • Enhancing professional collaboration among teachers;
  • Continuous learning and improvement; an
  • Appreciating Malay language and culture.


  • To conduct in-service training and professional development courses for ML teachers.
  • To develop mentoring programmes for potential ML Master Teachers (MTTs) and Senior Teachers (STs).
  • To serve as a resource centre and centre for classroom research.
  • To harness the capacity of teachers by involving them in the development of the teaching resources. It could partner schools to develop school-based curriculum
  • To network with international ML centres.

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