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Director’s Message

Dear ML teachers,

This year MLCS celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary in offering professional development programmes for Malay Language (ML) teachers in Singapore.

We are very heartened by the continuous support given by our ML teachers. MLCS wishes to thank all ML teachers for their support to all programmes offered by MLCS. This is a testimony that our ML teachers are committed to continuously improve their knowledge and skills to enhance the quality of the teaching and learning of Malay Language in schools. We strongly encourage our teachers to apply and enact the knowledge acquired in their respective schools and their clusters.

MLCS supports MOE movement to “Hold on to our roots: Languages for life” by continuously refreshing our curriculum and support teachers through Skillsfuture. MLCS has offered many courses including MTV, STP and SLS for our ML teachers. This year, MLCS will guide and mentor teachers in ‘Enquiry Based Learning’, ‘Effective Teaching and Learning Using SLS Module 2’, ‘Differentiated Instruction’ and ‘Formative Assessment’. The titles offered are aligned with the recommendation made by MOE and AST.

MLCS is our common asset and MLCS needs to remain relevant in strengthening and enhancing the capacity of our teachers, empowering our learners and enriching our curriculum. Therefore, we welcome all feedback and suggestions from teachers to achieve the intended objectives.

Let us work together in building and nurturing the culture of professional excellence among our teachers and strengthen our Malay language as part of our Malay identity.

Thank you.


Mohamed Noh Daipi

Centre Director of Malay Language Centre Singapore (MLCS)

Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST)

Ministry of Education Singapore (MOE)

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