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Director’s Message

Achieving excellence in the teaching of  Malay Language has long been our aspiration. It can realized by developing the expertise and abilities of  within our Malay Language Teachers in Singapore.

Malay Language Centre of Singapore will be supporting and guiding our Malay teachers through its systematic and developing in-service training programmes. It will also be providing the space and opportunities for ML teachers to upgrade their expertise in the content knowledge, pedagogy, assessment, research, ICT application that include language, literature and culture.

Malay Language Centre of Singapore will be organizing two signature programmes annually namely the Arif Budiman Lecture Series and the Malay Language Seminar. Through the Arif Budiman Lecture Series, teachers are able to learnt from the experts in Malay language, literature dan culture. The Malay language seminar is jointly organize with the Malay Language Unit, MOE. The seminar is a platform for the Malay language teachers to share their research findings, strategies, methodology and effective approaches in the teaching and learning of the Malay language.

The Malay Language Centre of Singapore and our ML teachers have a special mission in ensuring the success of the recommendations proposed by the Mother Tongue Review Committee 2011. We need to work collaboratively to ensure the recommendations made the committee are able to develop our students into “An Active Learner,  an Efficient User”  to support  them in achieving the Arif Budiman vision – A knowledgeable person that contribute to the society


Thank You 


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