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Videos on Teaching & Learning

Watch these videos to understand and apply the principles, teaching processes and pedagogical approaches to the teaching of English Language, Literature and General Paper.

Watch the videos individually or as a team to collaboratively inquire into how to more effectively meet the learning needs of students in these subjects.

Videos on Support for Teachers

Watch these videos on how to strengthen our pedagogical practices through collaborative professional learning, and how ELIS can support the learning process.

Microlearning Units

No.Title of MLU (Pedagogy)
1What is Differentiated Instruction & Why Does it Matter?
2How Important are Ongoing Assessment and Flexible Grouping in Differentiated Instruction?
3How can EL Departments Build a Culture that Supports Differentiated Instruction?
4How does Differentiated Instruction Work in a Large EL Class? – Determining Lesson Objectives
5How does Differentiated Instruction Work in a Large EL Class? – Selecting and Adapting Lesson Resources
6How does Differentiated Instruction Work in a Large EL Class? – Managing Learners and Learning
7How does Differentiated Instruction Work in a Large EL Class? – Small Group Instruction
8How Do We Select and Design EL Lessons for Differentiated Instruction?
9Why is it Important to Diagnose Students' Learning Needs?
10What does Diagnosing Students' Learning Needs Involve?
11How can English Language Teachers Diagnose Students' Learning Needs to Plan for Teaching and Learning
12Applying ACoLADE - How can We Raise Awareness in the EL Classroom?  
13Applying ACoLADE - How Can We Structure Consolidation in the EL Classroom?
14Applying ACoLADE - How Can We Facilitate Assessment for Learning (AfL) in the EL Classroom? 
15Applying ACoLADE - How can We Enable Application in the EL Classroom?
16Applying ACoLADE - How Can We Guide Discovery in the EL Classroom?
17Applying ACoLADE - How can We Instruct Explicitly in the EL Classroom?
18Planning the School-based EL Instruction Programme - How to Apply CLLIPS?
19What are Quality Questions?
20How Can English Language Teachers Sequence Their Questions Effectively?
21How to Select Texts?
22How to Adapt Texts?
23Why Select and Adapt Texts?

e-Conference Resources

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