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The Singapore Writing Institute

ELIS is an Associated International Site of the National Writing Project (NWP), a well-established professional development activity for teachers in the USA. We are certified to conduct the Singapore Writing Institute (SWI), which is modelled on the Invitational Summer Writing Institute of the NWP. SWI is a full-time three-week professional learning opportunity for teachers to experience themselves as writers so as to become better teachers of writing and representing. Following SWI, teachers will inquire into their teaching of writing over two years, supported by the Singapore Writing Project (SWP) Team.

Goals of the Singapore Writing Institute

By the end of SWI, participants will be able to:

  • demonstrate awareness of the writing and representing process and purposes for writing and representing;
  • develop an understanding of current research and theory regarding writing and representing and the teaching of writing and representing;
  • make informed decisions about their choice of teaching and learner strategies to support learners with diverse needs as they learn to write and represent;
  • consider the use of appropriate formative assessment tools to assess their students’ development in writing and representing; and
  • design a two-year inquiry project to apply their learning from SWI.

Who May Apply

EL HODs, SHs, LHs, LTs, STs and potential STs in primary and secondary schools are invited to apply. Applicants should be in a position to influence teaching and learning in their schools.

Those who are successful would need to be:

  • committed to deepening their understanding of the writing and representing process and willing to explore their own pedagogical practice;
  • prepared to write and talk about their own writing and representing;
  • reflective, enthusiastic and open to receiving feedback on their writing and representing as well as giving feedback to others;
  • willing to commit to taking what they have learnt into their own classrooms and to demonstrate teacher leadership by enthusing their peers as well as their students to write and represent; and
  • willing to contribute to Special Interest Groups as a member of the SWI alumni.

How to Apply

The next run of SWI will take place in 2021 - 2022. The following are the dates to note:

  • May 2020: application for SWI in 2021 - 2022 will be sent through principals
  • Oct 2020: group interviews will be conducted for all applicants
  • 29 Jun - 16 Jul 2021: tentative dates for SWI 2021 - 2022

Please note: Participants must be released from duties by their principals for the duration of SWI (tentatively, 29 Jun - 16 Jul 2021) and commit to attendance for SWI continuity activities.


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For enquiries, please contact:

Ms Foo Soo Ling (Senior Academy Officer/ Pedagogy) at or 6664 1472, or

Mr Amir Wahab (Senior Academy Officer/ Pedagogy) at or 6664 1734.