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Professional Learning Programme (PLP@SCHOOL)

The Professional Learning Programmes (PLPs) are designed to enable teachers to deepen their knowledge, skills and classroom practice in the areas of language learning. Teachers can also learn how their application of e-pedagogy and blended learning can be guided by sound understanding of the principles and processes of English Language teaching and learning.

Overview and Programme Structure


As Key Personnel and Teacher Leaders of the English Language (EL) department of a school, you will co-decide and co-select the shared learning focus for your department from ELIS’s suite of flagship PLPs@School. PLPs@School are designed to enable all in your EL department to teach EL more effectively. You will co-lead your department in applying the learning and inquiring into classroom application.

There are three areas of support your EL department can look forward to from a Master Teacher/EL (MTT/EL):


Guidance in the selection of the learning focus for your department;

Your EL department will choose one of the following two areas of learning, (a) or (b):

  1. learning about e-pedagogy and blended learning for the enactment of participatory, connected and reflective EL classrooms

    Your EL department members will deepen their understanding of the principles of e-pedagogy and blended learning. They will learn about the practice of teaching with technology to design lessons for students to achieve the intended learning outcomes in blended learning contexts.

    You can refer to page 39 for the details on this area of learning.
  2. OR

  3. one area of language learning to be selected from the following:
    1. Teaching Grammar (Primary/Secondary)
    2. Teaching Oracy (Primary/Secondary)
    3. Teaching Reading, Viewing and Vocabulary (Primary/Secondary)
    4. Teaching Extensive Reading and Viewing (Primary/Secondary)
    5. Teaching Writing and Representing (Primary/Secondary)

    For any area of language learning that you select, your EL department members will deepen their knowledge of it. They will also consider ways of using technology in blended learning contexts to support active learning in participatory, connected and reflective classrooms.

    You can refer to pages 40 to 48 for the details on the areas of language learning listed above.


Support in forming and guiding Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) in your department to deepen the teachers’ knowledge, skills and classroom practice in the area of learning your department decides on; and


Guidance in the growth of teacher leadership. You will learn to lead and guide your colleagues in planning and enacting classroom inquiry into the impact of their application of learning on student learning outcomes.

Programme Structure

Mode of LearningPicture7Option A
Option B
Picture9Asynchronous Online Learning (Period 1)
3 hoursThu, 24 Mar –
Thu, 7 Apr
Wed, 30 Mar –
Wed, 13 Apr
Picture10Synchronous Online Learning (Session 1)
2 hoursThu, 14 Apr
Wed, 20 Apr
Picture9Asynchronous Online Learning (Period 2)
3 hoursMon, 18 Apr –
Fri, 13 May
Thu, 21 Apr –
Wed, 18 May
Picture10Synchronous Online Learning (Session 2)
2 hoursThu, 19 May
Wed, 25 May

How to Apply

Please write to Mr Daniel Yip (Deputy Director/Pedagogy) at
Ms Charmaine Tan (Assistant Director/Pedagogy) at

Closing date for application: Wed, 23 Nov 2022