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Professional Learning

Our professional learning programmes for teachers focus on:

  • building deep expertise in knowledge of subject content, pedagogy and assessment, and the use of ICT
  • enhancing teachers’ communication skills in English and their ability to develop these skills in their students
  • building a culture that celebrates effective communication in English throughout the whole school
  • encouraging the growth of teacher reflection through classroom inquiry and research

Our Approach to Professional Learning

These are the seven dimensions of CREA2TE that we apply in our approach to teacher professional learning:







Co-construct learning.Role-model skilful teaching.Encourage professional growth through self-directed and continuous learning. Address teachers’ beliefs, attitudes and values. Assess their learning through reflection and feedback. Theory to be applied to practice. Empower teachers to become active learners and leaders.

Areas of Support

To deepen teachers’ professional learning, ELIS provides four areas of support:

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