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Special Interest Group (SIG)

A Special Interest Group (SIG) consists of like-minded teachers with a similar passion, collaborating to develop a valuable repertoire of ideas, practices and instructional resources. Any group of three or more teachers can come together and form an SIG. Members of an SIG may be from the same or different school. The SIGs are supported by MTTs/ EL, and Academy Officers (AOs/ Pedagogy) from ELIS.

This video helps you understand better what a Special Interest Group is and what you can expect if you want to set up an SIG. It highlights an SIG’s passion to learn how to apply Marzano’s 6 Steps to Vocabulary Instruction to help students.

Questions for you to think about while viewing the video:

  1. Which particular area of language teaching and learning would you like to work on in order to develop your teaching practice?
  2. How can an SIG help you to improve your teaching practice?