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About Us

The English Language Institute of Singapore (ELIS) is a young and dynamic Institute launched on 6th September 2011 by Mr Lee Kuan Yew to enhance the communicative effectiveness of our students by working with English Language (EL) and English-medium teachers. We offer professional learning opportunities to English Language (EL) and English-medium teachers.
Our EL Pedagogy team supports EL teachers by enhancing their knowledge of subject content and pedagogy including assessment and the use of ICT to teach EL. The team, comprising Master Teachers and Academy Officers, offers professional learning programmes with extended support to enable teacher participants to apply their learning and to facilitate the growth of a vibrant learning community. The team also offers teacher leadership programmes to support the growth of current and aspiring teacher leaders.
Our Research and Effective Communication team of EL Specialists and Academy Officers works with teachers in schools to promote inquiry into their classroom practice, through professional learning programmes and resources. The team also offers a series of online courses that enable teachers to develop their English communication skills to support students’ learning.