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Dr Chew Ming Kheng Charles

Principal Master Teacher / Physics


Dr Charles Chew graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1984 with a BSc (Hons-2nd Upper) in Physics and obtained his DipEd (with Credit) the year after. He obtained his MEd (Hons) from the University of Western Australia (UWA) in early 2003 and completed his doctoral studies with UWA in September 2007. Since joining the education service in 1986 as a teacher and a teacher educator, Charles has a wide range of teaching experience as a JC lecturer, Head of Science & Vice-Principal of a secondary school, Senior Lecturer (Seconded) at NIE and as a current Principal Master Physics Teacher with the Academy of Singapore Teachers. He coaches and mentors many teachers from a wide spectrum of age-groups from a multi-tier generation and supervised part-time MEd students. He is one of the EXCO members of the Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) and takes an active involvement in research as he believes in the importance of theory-practice nexus for effective teaching and meaningful learning. 




Professional Involvement and Contributions


1.        Research Interests

     1.1     Pedagogical Content Knowledge

     1.2     Curriculum design, development and innovation

     1.3     Science Inquiry in Teaching, Learning and Assessment

     1.4     Lesson Study as a Collaborative Action Research


2.     Conferences & Workshops


     2.1    Learning Forward Conference 2011, LA, USA (December 2011)


     2.2    World Association of Lesson Study (WALS) 2011, Tokyo, Japan (November 2011) 


     2.3    International Science Conference 2011, Bali, Indonesia (2011)


     2.4    Science Teachers Conference 2010, Singapore (November 2010)


     2.5    International Science Education Conference 2009, Singapore (November 2009)

     2.6    Conference of Asian Science Education (CASE) 2008, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (February 2008)

     2.7    NARST Science Conference, Vancouver, Canada (April 2004)

     2.8    ASERA Conference, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (July 2003)



3.         Selected Publications (Refereed Journals)

     3.1  Chew, C., & Wong, D. (2011). What makes an effective physics teacher. In C.Y. Lau, J. S. Wong, M. K. Chew, & K. S. Ong (Eds.), Handbook for Teaching Secondary Physics (pp. 7-11).   Ministry of Education, Singapore.


    3.2   Chew, C., & Lau, C.Y. (2011). Reflective Practice in Physics Teaching. In C.Y. Lau, J. S. Wong, M. K. Chew, & K. S. Ong (Eds.), Handbook for Teaching Secondary Physics (pp. 127-133).   Ministry of Education, Singapore.


    3.3   Chew, C., & Chia, T.C. (2009). Identifying and tackling common misconceptions in thermal conduction: use of a data logging experiment. School Science Review, 91(335), 28-31.


    3.4   Chew, C. (2009). The infusion of biology into physics demonstrations. School Science Review, 91(334), 77-85.


    3.5   Chew, C., & Sing, K.M. (2009). Use of inquiry-based approach in the teaching and learning of science: Exemplar from the in-service thematic courses. SCIOS. Journal of the Science Teachers' Association of Western Australia 45(3), 24-28.


    3.6   Chew, C. (2008). Design of a bio-physics demonstration lecture using the Predict-Observe-Explain [POE] instructional approach. SCIOS. Journal of the Science Teachers' Association of Western Australia 44(3), 11-15.