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Introducing our Physics Master Teachers

Objectives of the Physics Chapter

The Physics Chapter strives to raise the professional standard in the subject discipline of physics, build a culture of professionalism and pride in the teaching fraternity and serve as a focal point for teacher collaboration and networking.

Comprising both the Secondary and Junior College levels, the goals of the Physics Chapter are two-fold:

  1. To equip Secondary and Junior College Physics teachers with impactful and innovative pedagogies that are underpinned by sound learning theories, experimentation and research.
  2. To inspire the wonder of Physics and inculcate the joy of learning Physics so that students who have the passion and ability in the subject will continue with Physics or a Physics-related STEM course in higher education institutes.

We organise various professional learning activities for you:

  • Courses and Learning Programmes
  • Learning Day/ Learning Journeys
  • Professional Conversations with overseas and local educators
  • Networked Learning Sessions e.g. ST-LT network
  • Masterclasses / Demonstration Classes
  • SkillsFuture for Educators’ Workshops

Our Physics Master Teachers