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Introducing our Primary Science Master Teachers

Objectives of the Primary Science Chapter

The key objective of the Primary Science Chapter is to deepen primary science teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge for quality student learning, and to build a culture of teacher-led professionalism and pride among primary science teachers.  It serves as a focal point for professional collaboration and networked learning among primary science teachers.”

The Primary Science Chapter equips Primary Science teachers with impactful and innovative pedagogies that are underpinned by sound learning theories, experimentation and research.  It is a professional network to raise professional standards in science disciplines in general and primary in particular.

The Primary Science Chapter encourages pedagogical innovation and facilitates research-informed practice to impact teaching. It works closely with Curriculum Planning and Development Division and other related educational agencies to extend learning in Primary Science.  Through collaboration and networking, it harnesses synergy among teachers in schools, MOE Divisions and professional associations. In time, it will extend its networks and partnerships with international education agencies.

Through collaborative learning in a network, a teacher could broaden their professional knowledge and improve their practice. The workshops run by Master Teachers adopt a 5C approach whereby participants are guided into translating what they learnt in the workshop in their classroom practice.

We organise various professional learning activities for you:

  • Courses and learning programmes
  • Learning journeys
  • Professional conversations with overseas and local educators
  • Networked learning sessions e.g. ST-LT network
  • Professional learning sessions for BTs

Our Primary Science Master Teachers