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Introducing our Lower Primary Learners Master Teachers

The Lower Primary Learners (LPL) Chapter champions quality learning in Primary 1 and Primary 2 by building teacher capacity, encouraging pedagogical innovations and facilitating research-informed practice to impact student learning. It engenders the professional belief that every student can learn, and that children learn best through multi-sensory methods and through authentic and active learning. The LPL Chapter will serve as a focal point for Primary 1 and Primary 2 teachers to collaborate and network. Through partnerships with various MOE divisions and external partners, the LPL Chapter seeks to raise the professional standards in the teachers to support learners as they transit from Kindergarten to Primary Schools.

Objectives of the Lower Primary Learners Chapter

Objectives of the LPL Chapter

To deepen the pedagogical content knowledge of lower primary teachers for quality student learning.

To champion professional collaboration and networked learning among lower primary teachers.

Mission of LPL Chapter

To build a teacher-led culture of professional excellence to engender quality learning* in P1 and P2 students in their transition from preschool to primary school education.

* levelling up their knowledge and skills of P1 and P2 students to prepare them for the next level (P3) as well as to foster the holistic development of each child

Vision of LPL Chapter (What)

A community of competent teacher leaders with strong pedagogical leadership in leading, guiding and inspiring lower primary learners.

We organise various professional learning activities for you:

Courses and Learning Programmes
Learning Journeys to MKs
Networked Learning Sessions e.g. ST-LT network
Professional Conversations
LPL Learning Day


Our Lower Primary Learners Master Teacher

Teh Wan

Our Subject Chapter Core Team

Core Team


Our Calendar of Events

Chapter Event





How to join us?

All teachers teaching Primary 1 and Primary 2 are members of the Lower Primary Learners (LPL) Chapter – this is where we learn from each other, learn with each other and learn on behalf of others. You are most welcome to join us at any of our LPL Chapter events.

We invite you to be an inspiring member of U in Lower Primary Learners (LPL) (click here) or via

This is a collaborative space in OPAL. You will get to know more about our LPL Chapter, and to network with fellow lower primary learners teachers.

For general enquiries on our chapter events or workshops, kindly send an email to our Academy Officer:

   Siti Mariam Binte Mohd Hariht (DR):