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Introducing our High Ability Learners Master Teacher

Objectives of the High Ability Learners Chapter

Objectives of the High Ability Learner Chapter

The High Ability Learners (HALs) Chapter is a professional network, which aims to promote a culture of professionalism and pride for teachers teaching HALs. It serves as a focal point for teachers of HALs to engage in collaborative learning and critical inquiry. We aspire to develop and grow teacher leaders of HALs. We explore ways to raise the level of professional practice in the classroom and expertise across the system for quality student learning. Main programmes to develop teachers of HALs are professional development workshops, networked learning communities, learning days, participation in local and international programmes/conferences and collaboration with HAL educators from various organizations and institutions.


A community of competent teacher leaders who inspire the learning and teaching of high ability learners.


To build a teacher-led culture of professional excellence in the learning and teaching of high ability learners.

Our High Ability Learners Master Teacher

Our Subject Chapter Core Team

Core Team

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How to join us?

All primary, secondary and JC teachers teaching HALs are members of the HAL Chapter. You are most welcome to join us at any of our HAL Chapter events.

If you are interested in joining any of our networked learning communities (NLCs), kindly email the master teacher in charge. For general enquiries on our chapter events, workshops or NLCs, kindly send an email to our Academy Officer: Yu Xinyi (Ms):