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Introducing our Special Educational Needs Master Teacher

Objectives of the Special Educational Needs Chapter

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Chapter seeks to enhance pedagogical practice in the support of students with SEN in the mainstream educational landscape. It promotes a culture of professional networking and learning for teachers supporting students with SEN. It will also serve as a focal point to engage in collaborative learning and inquiry as teachers share ideas and resources for SEN support.

Through partnerships with schools, divisions in MOE, the National Institute of Education (NIE) as well as relevant organisations in the special education sector, the SEN Chapter promotes pedagogical innovations and facilitates research-informed practice, with the aim providing an inclusive learning opportunity for all learners.

Our Special Educational Needs Master Teacher

Our SEN Core Team

The Special Educational Needs Chapter at the Academy of Singapore Teachers is supported by a core team made up of representatives from the four school zones, MOE (including Special Educational Needs Division and Educational Technology Division) as well as the National Institute of Education.

Core Team Members 2023


Our representatives from NIE & MOE


Our zonal representatives from school



Our team from the Academy of Singapore Teachers


Our SEN Teacher Leaders

The SEN Chapter @ AST is made up of a committed and passionate group of teachers which comprises our Teacher Leaders Learning Needs (SEN).

The Teacher Leader community aims to strengthen and leverage a vibrant community of educators by providing pedagogical leadership and mentorship to enhance the quality and capability of the teaching fraternity for improved student outcomes.

The SEN Chapter facilitates regular Networked Learning Sessions (NLS) and tea meet ups to better support the growth and development of our TLs.

Professional Learning- Networked Learning Sessions for Teacher Leaders Learning Needs (SEN)



All Teacher Leaders (SEN) are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions to ensure alignment in messaging and SEN support nationwide.


Professional Learning- Workshops for Teacher Leaders Learning Needs



Invitation and registration for the above will be through email invites.

Role specific growth and development platforms


  • For newly appointed Teacher Leaders (Learning Needs/SEN)


  • For core team members


For those interested in Teacher Leadership (SEN)

  • For those interested in the Teaching Track (Teacher Leaders Learning Needs SEN


Registration is through email invites sent to schools

Our Calendar of Events

The SEN Chapter @ AST invites teachers to join us in the following Professional Development platforms.


Professional Learning -Workshops for all Education Officers


Registration for workshops/webinars closes 1 week ahead of the start date or when spaces are full. We encourage no more than 3 participants per school for each workshop to allow schools to network and learn from others. 

Professional Learning-Sharing by schools for all personnel supporting SEN


Registration for the above webinars will be through email blasts to the SSDs and SEN Champions 2 months ahead of each platform



Here is a list of some useful resources to support and guide schools


  1. SEN Resource Portal on the intranet

This resource portal houses a comprehensive range of resources and aims to provide schools with information and self-help tools, to enable schools to enhance their understanding of and support for SEN.


  1. SEN Community Wiki on OPAL 2.0

We encourage all educators to join this community and to be an active member to share, learn and lead one another as we better support our diverse learners in our classrooms and schools.


  1. SEN:se Online Micro Learning Units on OPAL 2.0

This is a series of practice oriented modules on supporting students with SEN which encourages reflective practice through bite sized units across various topics within SEN Support. These learning modules are locally produced using our current mainstream contexts and provide evidence-based resources to provide support to teachers.


  1. Singapore Teaching Practice-Teaching Actions & Considerations with a SEN lens

This provides a list of teaching actions and considerations that are relevant for all students especially those with Special Educational Needs which are denoted with a (^). It provides food for thought and ideas for implementation within our mainstream classrooms.

How to join us?

Every teacher supporting students with special educational needs is a member of the SEN Chapter. We invite you to be an active member of the SEN Chapter by attending our various platforms and online community.

Join us today, so that we continue to grow together as a vibrant fraternity of enabled educators!

Do contact or, if you have any queries.