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Introducing our Special Educational Needs Master Teacher

Objectives of the Special Educational Needs Chapter

The Special Educational Needs (SEN) Chapter seeks to enhance pedagogical practice in the support of students with SEN in the mainstream educational landscape. It promotes a culture of professional networking and learning for teachers supporting students with SEN. It will also serve as a focal point to engage in collaborative learning and inquiry as teachers share ideas and resources for SEN support.

Through partnerships with schools, divisions in MOE, the National Institute of Education (NIE) as well as relevant organisations in the special education sector, the SEN Chapter promotes pedagogical innovations and facilitates research-informed practice, with the aim providing an inclusive learning opportunity for all learners.

Our Special Educational Needs Master Teacher

Our Subject Chapter Core Team

The Special Educational Needs Chapter at the Academy of Singapore Teachers is supported by a core team made up of representatives from the four school zones, MOE (including Special Educational Needs Division and Educational Technology Division) as well as the National Institute of Education.



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How to join us?

Every teacher supporting students with special educational needs is a member of the SEN Chapter. We invite you to be an active member of the SEN Chapter.

Join us today, so that we continue to grow together as a vibrant fraternity of enabled educators!

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  • All sessions are held via online modes from 2.30 to 5.30pm unless otherwise stated.
  • Do contact or, if you have any queries.