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Introducing our Economics Master Teacher

All teachers teaching Economics are members of the Economics Chapter. We invite you to be an inspiring member of U in Economics.  Join us today, so that we can grow together as a vibrant Economics Networked Learning Community!

Objectives of the Economics Chapter

The Economics Chapter aims to:

1. Connect with

  • different profiles of Economics teachers to understand and cater to their learning needs.
  • Economics teachers for professional learning at different platforms.

2. Collaborate with

  • Economics teachers, CPDD and NIE to enhance our professional knowledge and practices to improve student outcomes.
  • external partners to create authentic learning experiences for Economics teachers and students.

3. Create

  • quality professional learning experiences for Economics teachers grounded on the disciplinary roots of Economics to deepen their pedagogical content knowledge and subject content knowledge.
  • quality resources for the teaching and learning of Economics.

4. Champion

  • teacher-ownership and teacher leadership towards professional excellence in the teaching of Economics.
  • innovative practices in the teaching of Economics.

Our Economics Master Teacher

Our Subject Chapter Core Team

The Economics Chapter is led by the Master Teacher who works closely with a core team that comprises representatives from CPDD, ETD and Teacher Leaders from all zones.