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Introducing our Character and Citizenship Education Master Teachers

Objectives of the Character and Citizenship Education Chapter

Character & Citizenship Education Chapter

The Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) Chapter aims to support the delivery of the CCE curriculum through

  • deepening the pedagogical content knowledge of teachers for quality student learning
  • building a culture of teacher-led professionalism through championing professional collaboration and learning among teachers

What do we do?

The focus will be on how teachers could intentionally and purposefully apply pedagogical approaches that are developmentally appropriate, engage students cognitively and affectively and have an impact on their learning so that students grow up to be morally upright individuals, and responsible and active citizens. 

The subject chapter is a natural platform to develop and grow Teacher Leaders. We explore ways to raise the level of professional practice in the classroom and expertise across the system. As drivers of pedagogical leadership, we act as a focal point for teachers to gather and learn from one another. Together we build our professional ethos and develop a culture of professional excellence and pride in the fraternity.

We organise various professional learning activities for you:

  • workshops and professional learning opportunities with external partners
  • learning journeys
  • professional conversations with overseas and local educators
  • networked learning sessions e.g. ST-LT Network

Our Character and Citizenship Education Master Teachers

Our Subject Chapter Core Team


Our Calendar of Events