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About AST

The Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) was set up to spearhead the professional development of MOE staff. AST together with the other teacher academies aim to build communities of practice for like-minded professionals of  subject disciplines, for teachers to come together and learn from one another, developing stronger camaraderie and esprit de corps.

Apart from these dedicated teacher academies and language institutes, Subject Chapters in the Academy are set up as networked learning communities for teacher development and professional sharing for the respective subject disciplines, focusing on subject mastery and pedagogical content knowledge.

The Academy of Singapore Teachers, subject chapters, teacher academies and language institutes will work in synergy to foster a stronger teacher-led culture of professional collaboration and professional excellence, to bring the teaching fraternity to a higher international standing.


Our Mission and Vision

The mission, vision and values articulate the aspirations of the Academy to be an organisation that represents and champions professional excellence for the teaching fraternity.  The Academy will be a dedicated organisation focusing on teacher professionalism and the professional development of teachers.  Through its high quality work, the Academy will build the Singapore teaching fraternity to be a world-renowned model of professional excellence.


Building a teacher-led culture of professional excellence centred on the holistic development of the child


The Leading Academy for professional excellence in education



We are committed to inspiring teachers to engage in continual learning.


We are committed to delivering excellence in professional development.


We are committed to the professional growth of teachers for student and school success.

Our Logo



It takes ten years to grow a tree; a hundred years to cultivate a man.


The "T" in the centre symbolises the teacher who is at the heart of the Academy and of teaching.

The canopy represented by the three leaves embodies the Teachers' Vision - Lead.Care.Inspire.